It takes an adventurous spirit to wander into the wilderness.
With a desire for new experience, challenge and the opportunity for change, it takes a hero to break the mould.


You are that hero, and life is the true Hero’s Journey.


It takes courage to step into the unknown.

The mix of fear, anticipation and imagination can play havoc with the most present of heroes.

But what then happens when the doubt and uncertainty creep in?

You have everything you need to feel your aliveness and be present.

It takes faith to follow in the footsteps of another.

When you’re unsure of your choices, and fearful of where they are taking you, where do you turn for direction and hope?

In the unseen order of existence it's often best to ask for help, for the experience is out there to guide you. Have faith.

Over the course of 2 nights and 2 days we will walk together with "adventure, courage, presence & faith".

Lao Tse once said "the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step"

This suggests that each journey can be broken down to many small successes.

But it also suggests that when you take that first step you must know exactly where you are!

Take a "life bearing" from your earliest memories to the present moment, how did you get here?

Allow your imagination to carry you forward to the point of departure from this moment, and to the ultimate destination.

How did I come to be here?

Where am I going?

How did I become who I am?

Am I the me I want to be?

As we travel we will explore these questions in search of the inspired insight that exists within each of us.

No two journeys are the same, even when you follow the same route.

Calum Murray will be there to facilitate conversations of personal exploration using tools of story telling, role playing, metaphor and mystery.

The journey and destinations are unknown to us all and unfold as we follow our guy on the ground.

Andrew (Windy) Miller is the man with the map and the wilderness experience.

Have faith in his ability, as I do, for to question it will only bring you confusion.

Who's who?

Calum Murray - As an avid lover of the elements, Calum is very much at home in the hills and glens of Scotland.

His training has an extremely broad foundation covering many aspects of holistic therapy and counselling.

Calums enthusiastic methodology is deeply rooted in his experience and training as an Alexander Technique practitioner.

His all too often playful approach is underpinned by his work with the Institute of Human Development as one of their accredited Inspired coaches.

Andrew Miller - or Windy as you'll get to know him, is a vast storehouse of knowledge on a multitude of subjects.

His skills on the hills are second to none and, as a worshiper of his Rayness, be assured that he's prepared for any circumstance.

However do be aware that Windys skills are not solely in the realms of understanding nature.

His studies of mindfulness and meditation integrated into his life experiences bring an understanding of his fellow humans that shines through in his every interaction.


Contact - calum@moondanceinc.com