'I've roamed far and I've learned much
and all that the gods know I know:
what did Odin himself whisper in
the ear of his son Baldur before
he might be burned on the pyre?'

This one week voyage is based on the great Norse myth of the god Baldur, an account of the fall of a god, here brought to life in a context permeated with the drama of the sea and illuminated by the elements. Removed in time, but not in essence from the mythological past.

On this voyage you encounter the struggle for freedom to be true to your own personal journey reflected in the mirror of Baldur's story. This archetypal story becomes your story. In turn you have the opportunity to become your own protagonist; yours then is the choice to die consciously to that which no longer serves, or continue to live unconsciously within the beguiling embrace of what seems real.

The programme was designed by Tim Macartney part of the Embercombe Project to uncover and release the personal dramas of being exaggerated and special, or insignificant and worthless; and "untrue" to who you really are.

It is a chance for refreshing physical activity, to experience the wilderness of the sea and the wildness of Scotland's west coast shores. To discover your personal myth, face your fears and share with others through the medium of story telling, reflection and journaling as we are transported in the sanctuary of the yacht Volharding.

Aboard Volharding you set sail into the unchartered waters of the self and enter a different world.

Volharding is a twelve birth MCA registered Dutch barge, and the crucible for Baldur's Voyage. Participants will be crew, supported and trained by the Captain Stefan Fritz, and his first mate, who can sail her on their own if needs be. She will be moored at night and sail through the day.

Individual session time will be available with Jonathan Snell throughout the voyage.

Tim and Jonathan, supported by Calum, will facilitate the unfolding myth and the group work.


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Tim McCartney
Founder and chairman of Pathways - Spirit in Business Ltd - a people and organisation development consultancy.
He has been working with business leaders since 1984 before which he enjoyed an eclectic career path that included drama and theatre skills, restaurants, various adventures, mine rescue, horticulture, and a number of social enterprises. Believing that business holds the future of our fragile earth in its uncertain care, Mac increasingly directed Pathways' work towards the championing of a business model that is inclusive, socially and environmentally responsible, and visionary.

Jonathan Snell
I have been working as a mentor for ten years and have lead journeys, internal and external, exploring issues of personal potential, spirit and vision; change and development in the private and corporate sectors. This has taken me to sea, to the desert, to Islands, great corporate halls and deeply into human life in all its meandering ways and wonder.

I come as an Artist, Master Potter, Alexander Technique tutor and Personal Drama practitioner. I have studied Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling and continue to be engaged in this work. I believe that 'conscious constructive control' forms the essence of human change potential.

I work with the skills of voluntary inhibition, redirection and primary control. Insight through thought, informed by feelings is my preferred avenue for change of beliefs and behaviour. The developing edge of my work is in the field of intuitive vision, integration, meta-states and the psycho-spiritual.

Calum Murray
As one of the original participants of Baldurs voyage I know the power of this programme from its core and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking to stretch themselves in every realm of their experience. My purpose on this voyage mirrors my purpose in life, I am here to offer guidance and support through the medium of your own self awareness. As a practitioner of the Alexander Technique I find these principles deeply underpin everything I experience and express. I have strong ties with the institute of human development and work as part of their network as an accredited inspired coach.

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In 1998 Mac completed a five-year project with a longstanding client during which time the company's profitable growth exceeded all expectations. In recognition of his contribution the client enabled Mac to purchase a 50-acre smallholding in Devon and develop the site for the social enterprise that now occupies most of his time and energy.

The vision and mission of Embercombe is as follows:

To make a profound contribution to the urgent and pressing issues of our time by creating a centre of inspiration, imagination, and action - a challenging, inspiring, hope-bringing place that measures its success by the alumni who go out into the world and light fires that bring positive change.

To awaken, inspire, educate, and support people from all walks of life to an intimate and profound realisation of their 'calling'.

To powerfully assist the personal development of people who have chosen to commit their talents and actions towards the social, economic, and environmental shifts that will signal the tipping point of change.

To influence, encourage, and support organisations of all kinds to become the engines of positive change - leaders in thought, word, and deed.

The valley that is Embercombe is now host to many events, ideas, conversations, and commitments, each of which in time will find shape and expression in the world.