I believe that everyone is entitled to live a life that offers an abundance of good health, good wealth, good luck and good fun. In a desire to assist others toward this experience, I offer a simple, bespoke service for private clients who are finding the need for a shift in their life situation.

The majority of people experience their challenges symptomatically, on the level of physical discomfort, and given the fact that stress and resistance lie at the core of all discomfort, I assist the client in identifying the root cause of their experience by means of relaxation and behavioural awareness techniques.

I introduce my clients into an understanding of the psycho-physical connection between the body, mind and emotions using my experience in the art of Alexander Technique and other ways of being, doing and healing. Once anchored in the self, the client is empowered into responsibility and ultimately correct action. This fresh insight offers an understanding that provides the client with powerful tools for transformation, introducing them into an experience of grace, joy and peace.

My training has an extremely broad foundation covering many aspects of holistic therapy and counselling. However my methodology is deeply rooted in my experience and training as an Alexander Technique practitioner. This approach is underpinned by my work with the Institute of Human Development as one of their accredited Inspired coaches.